Plumbing FAQ

A: Turn off the taps in your property and don’t flush the toilet for 1 hour. Record your water meter and after an hour check it again. If the dials have moved you might have a leak.

A: If you can smell gas or your last gas bill was excessive, there’s a high chance you have a gas leak. Call us or alert your gas provider immediately.

A: If your toilet has a sewer smell but it’s not blocked you might need to contact us to check your plumbing.

A:Flushing toys down the toilet can cause your toilet to block. Call Plumbmasters to get your toilet checked before it’s a major issue.

A: There are a number of factors to noisy pipes. It can be easily fixed. The cause could be high water pressure, isolation valves or vibration caused by tap washer. If you have noisy pipes give us a call.

If you are on the Gold Coast or Tweed Coast then it is likely that we do service your area. You can pop over to the About Us section of our website to view our Service Map or phone 07 55680015 and we’ll confirm if we work in your area.

We definitely can! Plumbmasters offers a large variety of plumbing & gas services.

Shut off your water supply and call Plumbmasters on 07 5568 0015.

If you live in a standalone house or duplex the main water shut off valve may be located underground in a water meter box or by itself above ground at the front of your property near the left side or right side boundary. If you are in a duplex or strata title and have a common water meter we advise contacting the other occupants before shutting off the main water supply.

Are you in a unit or apartment? You may have a valve or tap within your unit or apartment that will shut off the main water supply, the location varies from property to property. Some locations we have come across are underneath the hand basin or kitchen sink, in a toilet room and in hot water cupboards.

Unfortunately you have an issue in your drain that has caused the contents to back up and overflow and you need a plumber to rectify the issue so your drains can be used again.

The best way to stop a drain overflowing is to not put anything further down the drain, so immediately stop using all plumbing including hand basins, kitchen sinks, washing machines, toilets etc.

Make sure no one at the property is going to come into contact with any human waste and then give Plumbmasters a call on 07 55680015

If you choose to use Plumbmasters you don’t need to worry about that, our technicians are licensed to work on the Plumbing and Electrical components with your hot water systems, gas stoves and water pumps.

The simplest thing you can do is to read your water meter.

If you are unsure of the best way to do this the Council would have provided instructions with the notice they sent you.

If you can’t locate your notice right now, have a look under the water leaks section of our website for detailed instructions.

Yes we certainly can, our technicians are not only trained in leak detection but also licensed to carry out all Plumbing repairs.

We will need to complete an inspection of your property’s taps, toilets and showers to check if they meet the minimum water efficient standard. Once we have confirmed the taps, toilets and showers meet the standard we will provide you with the documentation required for water charging.

Yes, an inspection and test of your current gas system will need to be undertaken. Providing your current gas system complies with the current Gas Standards, our licensed gas technicians will issue a compliance certificate on the day.